New car collection? Read our full new car checklist.

Picking up a new or used car from a dealership is an exciting day but to avoid any last-minute hitches we have put together a checklist that might help you. 


  • Pick a suitable date and perhaps arrange to take someone else along to enjoy the experience or provide a second pair of eyes for the inspection. Manufacturers like McLaren and Aston Martin also offer factory handovers with full VIP treatment. 
  • Be ready to pay the final balance by electronic bank transfer or a card, alternatively, ensure your finance company will remit the funds perhaps the day before 
  • Make sure you have insurance in place, the dealership will not let you drive away without this. Elevate can help you just drop us a WhatsApp here and we will call you back. 
  • Remember your driver’s licence and any documentation that was previously provided to you for the purchase of the vehicle (e.g. deposit receipt) 

Paperwork at the Dealership  

  • Review the final invoice, an HPI check, the stamped servicing record, the current MOT certificate, warranty and finance documents, check the existing V5C match the vehicle (if it’s a used car), receipt for the purchase/contract of sale  
  • Check the is car taxed and in your name as tax is not transferable 
  • Is breakdown cover provided with the car or do you need to arrange or is breakdown part of your insurance?  
  • Make sure you understand the warranty and you get the documentation 
  • Show a proof of insurance, we can email this to you or send a copy directly to the dealership 
  • Tracker ADR key fobs and subscription details – Ask what tracker is installed and who provides the subscription for it

Inspecting the car 

  • If it is dark or wet, it’s difficult to see bodywork problems, therefore in bad weather arrange an inspection indoors and in good light; 
  • Carefully check all body panels, windows and corners, even new cars can have accidents in transit 
  • Check the interior; the fabrics, the dashboard, handles, switches, audio system. Look for any signs of leaks eg. damp areas, 
  • Review key functions such as lights, switches, car alarm, fuel cap, bonnet & boot releases, mirror adjusters, the locking wheel nut key, and spare wheel if there is one 
  • Make sure any accessories that should be included are present 
  • A full tank may be provided and is an electric car fully charged?  
  • If it is a plug-in vehicle or fully electric ensure you understand how to charge it at home or on the road  
  • Ensure you get all the copies of keys/key fobs and check they work 
  • Before driving away be comfortable with the car’s controls and check there’s a handbook  
  • Don’t be shy, if you’re not happy about something make it clear before you leave and perhaps write/email after the handover confirming any open points. 


New car ready for collection

Posted on 14 February 2023 in Company News, Cars