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Medical insurance

The NHS has huge backlogs and the costs of private medical care are rising rapidly with hip or knee surgery costing £10,000-£15,000. If you are acutely ill or injured, private medical insurance (PMI) provides swift access to a wide range of private hospitals and specialists whilst covering most of these costs.

Customised medical insurance for individuals and families.

  • Comprehensive policies – all outpatient and inpatient hospital stays, specialists, surgeon, nursing and anaesthetist costs, X-rays, dental, optical and travel cover can be added.
  • Premium policies -  personal case advisers, global coverage, choice of consultants and specialists in the UK and overseas, the best private hospitals and emergency assistance.
  • Reserve policies – access to private care but with high excesses, usually inpatient only, there to protect against the worst situations, for clients who are able to pay for minor care costs but want reassurance if serious illness or conditions occur.

We partner with world class insurance providers such as.

Small Business Schemes May Provide Better And Cheaper Cover.

  • Private medical cover for SMEs – from 1 to 25 employees with the option to add spouses, partners and children, more people can result in savings.
  • Different levels of cover -  from basic to enhanced, across all employees or with scope to increase cover for specific employees or directors.
  • Premiums paid by the company – treated as an employee benefit so NI payable and must be declared on P11D.
  • Cover for offshore employees – we can arrange a blend of UK cover and overseas cover to ensure a hybrid team is protected.

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Basic Mid-range Comprehensive
What’s usually covered
  • In-patient treatment (when you stay in hospital)
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment (where you don’t need to stay overnight)
  • Consultation appointments, diagnostic tests, and services like physiotherapy and sometimes psychiatry
  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment
  • Home nursing
  • Private ambulance
  • A parent staying in hospital with a child (depending on the policy)
  • Dental treatment
  • Alternative medicine
  • May cover whole family, rather than an individual
What’s not usually covered
  • Ambulance transport
  • Home nursing
  • Types of treatment and the hospitals you can choose
  • A parent staying in hospital with a child (depending on the policy)
  • The number of treatments you can have in one year
  • Diagnostic tests – you will normally be diagnosed by the NHS
  • The number of treatments you can have in a year, though usually more than basic policies
  • Ambulance transport
  • Home nursing
  • Choice of Hospital as normally limited

How we help.

At Elevate we’re classed as a non-advised brokerage for medical insurance. We’ll use the personal information you provide, to identify suitable policy options, allowing you to make an informed decision, placing you in complete control of your final decision.

Elevate Medical Insurance FAQs.

How does private medical insurance work if I have a claim?

Generally the client contacts a help line where the insurer will discuss their situation and advise on what to do next. If clients incur costs before contacting the insurer first these may not be reimbursed and wait times may be longer.

How can I keep the costs down?

Cover can be limited to in-patient only (generally hospital care and operations), higher excesses can be arranged (the amount the client pays per claim before the insurer contributes), clients can also opt to use NHS cancer care or only access private care if their NHS wait time is more than 6 weeks.

Do I have a choice of hospitals?

Lower cost policies limit the client to a list of hospitals, more expensive policies offer a wider range of hospitals, premiums are often more expensive if you require access to Central London hospitals.

Are any conditions excluded?

Yes, typically existing or on-going medical conditions and past conditions are subject to underwriting. Typical exclusions include cosmetic procedures, pregnancy & childbirth, GP fees (unless private GP option taken), hospitals not on the provider list, any excesses/deductibles agreed and fees incurred if NHS cancer or 6-week options taken.

Is dental or optical cover included?

These are usually optional add-ons, often cash benefits ie. the client incurs the costs and recalims a % back subject to annual limits.

Am I covered abroad?

This varies, global policies are available, some policies have emergency assistance or travel insurance add-ons whilst others are UK only.

What type of service do Elevate provide?

Based on clients requirements and circumstances we will research our panel of insurers and propose a suitable solution which may not necessarily be the most suitable.

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Our Commitment.

We treat all of our clients as individuals. We have time to talk, we listen and understand what you need. We are here for clients throughout the insurance process, arranging customised cover, adapting policies as things change, reviewing the market every year and supporting them with any claims. Your personal advisor is available on a direct dial.

Jowyn Wong
Jowyn Wong
Best company I’ve ever had the pleasure to arrange insurance with. Richard is so informative and knowledgeable, kept me informed every step of the way to insuring my pride and joy. Professional, personal and utterly perfect. Thank you!
Simone Chawda
Simone Chawda
I could not recommend Elevate enough, they were super helpful in explaining policy cover / options & made the process very easy for me to choose. It was great to have a trustworthy & reliable company finding the best cover for me personally & not in the best interests of commission etc Thank you Elevate!
Will Casswell
Will Casswell
very helpful. thank you
James Rainbow
James Rainbow
I had never used an insurance broker before but getting car renewals was getting more and more time consuming. I was referred to Blain at Elevate by a friend and now wonder why I didn't do this before. Elevate are great to deal with and I now have a better level of cover than before at a lower cost with 95% of the hassle removed.
jack gibbs
jack gibbs
Great personal service! Working with Elevate ensured I recieved efficient and stress free landlord insurance keeping me covered across various properties.
Sean M
Sean M
Just wanted to give a big shout out to Dan White and his team at Elevate Insurance Brokers. Having just moved house and tired of the continual high rises in insurance premiums, I chose to stay local and support local. Dan made sure we had the right cover in place and didn’t leave any stone un-turned. His attention to detail in making sure the cover we needed was second to none. All in, he managed to beat my renewal cost and the top three providers, increased my cover and provided me with the peace of mind that my house and personal belongings were covered. #staylocal #investinlocal #localisbest #homeinsurance #insurance #elevate #trust #confidence #happycustomer
Tom S
Tom S
Great service as ever from Elevate! I already insure my main car with them and had to add another in rather a hurry and I didn't have the time to spend ages on the phone organising, Elevate handled it all seemlessly and had my cover updated perfectly at a reasonable price. Can't recommend them highly enough!
John Yates
John Yates
Contacted Dan and his team to discuss my business insurance requirements. Excellent advice and very thorough explanations on various aspects of the policy ensured we now have the appropriate insurance in place. Thanks Dan.

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