High Value Contents Insurance For Ultimate Peace Of Mind.

If you rent an apartment or if you own the leasehold on your flat, the landlord (the freeholder) is responsible for insuring the building BUT you must insure the contents and your possessions.

Whether you’re at home or travelling, feel confident that your property’s valuable and personal assets are fully protected. Our bespoke insurance policies are tailored to your unique possessions and protected from damage, loss or theft.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Possessions.

We’ll cover your expenses to replace stolen items or damaged items in your home. The contents you can insure are often described as the items that you’d take with you if you were moving house. This includes furniture, electrical appliances, jewellery, watches, artwork, wine, rugs, laptops and fixtures like curtains and carpets. We may also be able to provide unlimited cover for contents and you won’t need to list every item in your home.

If you have high-end furniture, expensive watches, jewellery or sophisticated TVs/sound systems online contents insurance will probably not work for you as the sums insured will be too low and the coverage too simple.

Luxury furniture that wouldrequire high-value content insurance
A modern bespoke kitchen

Why Bespoke Contents Insurance Matters.

Standard insurers cannot always provide accurate protection for high-valued assets or rare collectables. These items require a specialised policy unique to you and the item you’re protecting. Elevate offers expert advice and recommendations for any private possessions, so you can rest assured your investments are secure whilst you enjoy expanding or diversifying your collection.

Valuable bottles of wine

What Type Of Personal Possessions Do We Cover?

We provide tailored content insurance for a variety of rare and affluent items. Whether you’re an art curator, wine connoisseur, designer trainer collector or have purchased a one-off piece, we appreciate your unique taste and provide the detailed protection they deserve.

Luxury Watch Insurance.

Whether you’re a Rolex, Cartier, Tag Heuer, or Omega watch wearer or perhaps a horologist with an extensive designer watch collection, we provide exclusive insurance for all. We value the passion behind your investment and ensure each piece is covered for theft or accidental damage.

A luxury watch that would require luxury watch insurance

Elevate Contents Insurance FAQs.

Are watches, jewellery, artwork, antiques, trainers, and wine properly insured?

If you have valuable collections or expensive single times, these may exceed insured limits on many contents policies. So, you’ll need a specialist contents insurance policy.

Can my watches be insured for current market value?

Yes, but only with a specialist insurer. Standard policies would only cover the original retail cost, which might be significantly less.

What if I spill something on an expensive rug or carpet?

This will be dependent on your insurance policy. A specialised content insurance policy can cover accidental damage, such as spillages on furniture or home furnishings.

What is the difference between Contents and Valuables?

Contents refers to day-to-day items such as clothing, bedding, homeware, computers, TVs, furniture and so on. Valuables are any items which are of monetary or sentimental value including jewellery, watches, artwork, paintings and other gold, silver of coin collections.

Will my Contents and Valuables be Insured Away from the Home?

Yes, contents and valuables will be covered in the home, away from the home and worldwide (usually up to 60 days in any one trip with unlimited trips per policy period).

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Our Commitment.

We treat all of our clients as individuals. We have time to talk, we listen and understand what you need. We are here for clients throughout the insurance process, arranging customised cover, adapting policies as things change, reviewing the market every year and supporting them with any claims. Your personal advisor is available on a direct dial.

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