Insurance For Sports Professionals.

We understand that athletes and sports people face unique and rapidly changing financial situations throughout their careers. Whether it’s insuring a prestige car or supercar or insuring your first set of valuable items like watches and jewellery we are here to support you.

Specialist Insurance For Sports Professionals.

Insurance can be complicated and expensive for sports professionals as they are often younger, have fast-moving lifestyles and may insure relatively expensive cars or valuables. In addition, many insurance companies do not cover professional sportsmen and women.

At Elevate, we provide expert advice and arrange specialist car and home insurance for professional footballers, insurance for athletes, insurance for golfers and elite professionals in many other sports. We specialise in working closely with sports professionals such as parents, agents and player liaisons. We understand that very often it is the support team around the professional who needs support and advice.

As an experienced sports insurance broker, we have access to specialist insurance not available online or through mainstream brokers.

Our client base includes premiership footballers, Olympic athletes, professional boxers, retired professionals and many other elite sportsmen and women.

There is no hard sell and no hidden fees just quality advice.

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A supercar that requires supercar insurance

Supercar Insurance.

We partner with trusted, high-end insurers to protect supercars.

Bespoke Home Insurance

Bespoke Home Insurance.

Providing specialised policies for distinguished assets and profitable property portfolios worldwide.

Specialist Insurance Advice For Sports Professionals.

  • We take the time to understand our clients, building long-lasting relationships. No call centres, no forms, no chat bots.
  • We understand the need for total discretion when advising well-known individuals.
  • We provide advice on insurance but also advice on how to protect your car, your home and valuables. This can include explaining the benefits of different vehicle immobilisers & trackers, specifying home alarms and safes or arranging free-of-charge security surveys.
  • Qualified professionals with many years of experience advising sportsmen and women.
  • Totally transparent billing, no hidden fees.
  • We’ve developed reliable partnerships with insurers who specialise in protecting sports professionals.
  • We’re available 24/7 to our clients for support and assistance.

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Our Process.


Let’s Talk

An initial conversation lets us gather the right information to provide specialist advice about how to protect yourself and your possessions.


Personalised Policies

Our expert team has the best-in-market policies, which we continually review and update to reflect the dynamic lifestyles of sports professionals.


Peace of Mind

Your dedicated Account Manager is available 24/7 to resolve any queries, claims or amendments.

We partner with world class insurance providers such as.

Elevate Sports Professionals FAQs.

What makes insurance for sports professionals expensive and difficult to arrange?

Sports men and women present more complex insurance risks to insurers. This is because they might have expensive cars and valuables whilst not having an insurance track record of no claims or previous policies. They may travel frequently and may have other high-profile people in their cars increasing the insurance risk if there is an accident. Their profiles may also mean potential thieves see them wearing expensive watches or jewellery whilst also knowing when they are away from home competing.

Which sports professionals do you work with?

When it comes to working with sports professionals, we have no restrictions. From the newly signed premiership footballers to globally recognised Olympic athletes. Our process focuses on getting to know the individual and creating insurance policies relevant to your lifestyle.

Can sports professionals buy online insurance?

In most circumstances online insurers do not cover sports professionals. When answering ‘what profession?’ it would be very unwise to not disclose a sports profession as in the event of a claim insurers WILL check and are unlikely to pay claims if a sports person has not disclosed their profession.

How do you maintain client discretion?

All client records are confidential and only accessible by you or your relationship manager. Our team never discuss client names, all data is kept in our secure systems with no paper documents in our office. Upon request, we will work with confidentiality agreements for high-profile individuals if requested.

How can I get the best car insurance for professional sportsmen & women?

Firstly get advice from a broker like Elevate who has the expertise. Second, get a policy from a specialist insurer and third, adopt a portfolio approach so all cars, homes, valuables etc. are insured together as this will probably reduce premiums.

Can I make amendments to an insurance policy?

Absolutely. As life and careers move forward, we can make the necessary amendments to policies to reflect any changes in careers, investments or life events. Contact your Account Manager, and have peace of mind that you and your assets always remain protected.

Can I change my policy as I move or as my career develops?

Absolutely. As careers move forward where you live might change, your car might change, you might add more watches or jewellery, we can adapt your insurance to reflect your lifestyle. Its also important to choose a quality insurance company that is willing to protect you across your career. Contact your Account Manager, and have peace of mind that you and your assets always remain protected.

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Our Commitment.

We treat all of our clients as individuals. We have time to talk, we listen and understand what you need. We are here for clients throughout the insurance process, arranging customised cover, adapting policies as things change, reviewing the market every year and supporting them with any claims. Your personal advisor is available on a direct dial.

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