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Patek Philippe has been pursuing traditional Swiss watchmaking since 1839. The Company is proudly independent and the only manufacturer in Geneva at Plan-les-Ouates, supported by a network of ateliers and subsidiaries in the Jura, the heartland of Swiss watchmaking. The Company combines world-class manufacturing skills with creative freedom to maintain the integrity of the brand and its founders Antoine Norbert de Patek and Adrien Philippe. Patek Philippe also owns its Geneva-based museum, over one hundred patents and their own boutiques in Geneva, Paris & London.

A Renowned Swiss Luxury Watch Manufacturer.

Their watches epitomise timeless elegance and precision craftsmanship. Renowned for their exquisite designs and meticulous attention to detail, Patek Philippe timepieces are coveted by collectors worldwide. Each watch represents the pinnacle of horological artistry, blending tradition with innovation to create enduring masterpieces that transcend generations.

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Specialist Patek Philippe Insurance.

Elevate is a small, boutique insurance brokerage that takes the time to engage with our clients, comprehensively understanding their circumstances and presenting their details to our panel of insurers who specialise in insuring luxury watches, jewellery, artwork, and exclusive homes. With every renewal, we revisit the market to ensure you receive the appropriate coverage at the most competitive price. We don’t just send out renewals from the existing insurer.

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We are an independent specialist insurance brokerage with a highly skilled team that has been providing Patek Philippe Insurance for over 20 years.

About Patek Philippe Watches.

Over 200 different models are regular production, handmade in small batches of between a dozen and several hundred watches.

The high-quality components and rigorous quality standards applied to every part of the manufacturing process mean each Patek Philippe takes many months to make.

Prices range from £5,000 for a used Patek Calatrava to £5 million Patek Philippe 6002R-001 Grand Complications, Sky Moon Tourbillon.

The main Patek Philippe model ranges are:

  • Grand Complications
  • Golden Ellipse
  • Complications
  • Nautilus
  • Calatrava
  • Aquanaut
  • Gondolo

Insurance Solutions Trusted by Many High-Net-Worth Clients.

Elevate is a specialist insurance broker who assists over 1300 clients to protect their homes, jewellery, watches, art and cars. Speak to our friendly experts to discuss your requirements.

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Specialist Patek Philippe Insurance Generally Includes.

  • Theft or loss
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Worldwide protection
  • Usually integrated into a high-quality home insurance policy
  • Immediate cover
  • Specialist input on security and safes
  • Original manufacturer repairs
  • An agreed value for the watch
  • Annual or monthly payment
  • A dedicated 24/7 client manager

Patek Philippe Insurance FAQs.

What type of insurance do I need for Patek Philippe?

It’s usually more cost-effective and advantageous to insure watches as part of a high-end home insurance policy, as having two separate policies can create redundancy. Additionally, buying multiple watches can substantially increase the costs of individual watch insurance policies, alongside your home insurance.

How much does it cost to insure a Patek Philippe?

The most common factors impacting the cost of insurance for a Patek Philippe are;

  • The details of the owner
  • The purchase price of the watch or its current valuation
  • When, where and how often it’s worn
  • Where and how it’s stored including security details

Can I insure watch collections?

Collections are best consolidated within an integrated prestige home insurance policy, enabling comprehensive consideration of factors like security, combined sums insured, and usage patterns. This approach avoids the inefficiencies or inconsistencies that may arise from each watch having a separate cover.

How do I insure a classic or rare watch?

At Elevate, we can arrange specialist insurance for classic, rare and vintage watches including watches with a high value in excess of £1m.

What are the typical exclusions for watch insurance?

Wear and tear, cosmetic damage, and theft or unexplained loss of watches left unattended would be excluded. Furthermore, there may be additional limitations regarding where or how the watch can be worn or stored.

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