Having been rumoured for a while now, the new DBX has arrived! Aston have named it the DBX 707, and it is a DBX, but FASTER…

Dubbed the most powerful and fastest luxury SUV in the world, word has it that Aston are planning to set some records using their new Super-SUV. A big ask when they’re up against some of the best in the business! But, let’s have a look at the numbers:

  • A Top Speed of 193mph.
  • 0-62 Dealt With in 3.3 Seconds.
  • Using the Mercedes AMG 4.0l Twin-Turbo V8.
  • Prices Expected to Start Around £190K.

The numbers begin to show that this isn’t just a corporate plot to re-dress the already existing car to make more money without changing much, the DBX 707 actually means business! Aston have dragged an extra 155 horses out of the V8 using some clever trickery within the two turbo’s, a new exhaust system and an engine tune. This means that the 707 will arrive at 62 from a standstill 1.2 seconds quicker than the standard car and top out 12mph faster – does it justify the extra £30K+ on top of the standard car? Well, that’s for you to decide…


In terms of styling, the DBX 707 looks noticeably ‘sportier’ with a new, bigger front grille, quad exhausts, and a new rear diffuser – available in carbon fibre of course! The new car also comes with carbon ceramic brakes as standard which are not even an option for the standard DBX. As well as this, the 707 is equipped with an all new, wet-clutch gearbox to give it the quick gear changes it needs to compete with the likes of Porsche and Lamborghini.

Overall then, it seems Aston have come out swinging with the DBX 707 with some serious extra performance packed into the already impressive DBX. Tipping the Urus for the fastest luxury SUV title by 3mph however for how long is unknown? Rumour has it that Lambo are getting ready to unveil a Performante/EVO version of the Urus so it’s possible that Aston’s bragging rights may not last very long. Although, we are definitely ready to watch these to fight it out and see what other brands join in!

What do you guys think?

Posted on 13 October 2022 in Company News