Tax Efficient Life Insurance

Tax Efficient Life Insurance, One of the few attractive tax breaks still out there!

Relevant Life insurance is one of the most tax-efficient ways to arrange life insurance and can be arranged for owners/managers, directors and employees of a company. Relevant Life is often 30/40% cheaper than arranging the same cover personally from post-tax earnings.

It’s tax efficient because premiums are paid for by the company as a type of ‘death in service cover’, as a pre-tax, trading expense. The taxman doesn’t treat premiums paid by the employer as a P11D benefit nor does the employee or employer have to pay National Insurance on the premiums. Any pay-out from the policy is usually not liable to income tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax.

At Elevate we can discuss your requirements, research options and if suitable arrange one of these tax-efficient policies from our panel of insurers including AIG, Aviva, Zurich and others. We can arrange cover quickly typically £500,000 to £5m but larger amounts can be accommodated. The policies are also portable if the new employer pays the premiums. Alternatively, they can be converted into a personal policy although tax benefits might be lost.

Our service is free and without obligation so get in touch whilst this tax break still exists.

Posted on 3 January 2023 in Company News, Life