Having been rumoured for a while now, the new DBX has arrived! Aston have named it the DBX 707, and it is a DBX, but FASTER…

Have you got £150k to spend on supercar but find McLaren’s, Ferrari’s, or Porsche’s too mainstream? Noble, the Leicestershire supercar makers have got you sorted!

Noble have released images of their new, less-intense supercar following the end of the M600 and named it the M500 which, should be ready this year. Finalised numbers are yet to be confirmed but the M500 statistics are expected to be somewhere around:

  • Approximately £150k Price Tag
  • Producing Around 550bhp
  • Running a Twin-Turbo 3.5l V6 from Ford
  • Top Speed Just Short of 200mph

Undoubtedly some impressive figures from a supercar company with only 8 team members! The small team stopped making the M600 back in 2018 and have been working on this new giant-killer. In terms of looks, the new car has definitely been brought into the modern era in comparison to it’s predecessor and it looks good! From every angle, the M500 looks like a proper supercar and has some seriously pretty features.

So, why would you buy a supercar built in Leicestershire over one with pedigree from the likes of Porsche or Ferrari? Well, do not write Noble off too quickly as let’s not forget that the outgoing M600 was voted the 2nd best ‘Drivers Car’ by Autocar – beating the Ferrari 458 which came in 3rd. Big shoes to fill for the M500 then…

The M500 will offer all of the speed and excitement of an exotic supercar but undercut the big boys on price by using its power-to-weight ratio to its advantage. Based on the tubular chassis from the old M600 with some upgrades, it will also have double-wishbone suspension, a six-speed manual gearbox and hydraulically assisted power steering. But the luxuries end there with the M500 having no anti-lock brakes and no airbags – proper drivers car then?

Let us know what you guys think of the new Noble?

Posted on 13 October 2022 in Company News