Expected to arrive in 2024, this is Gordon Murrey Automotive’s second all-new supercar which has been designed to be a more practical successor of the T50; named the T.33. It is said to be the last non-hybrid car that GMA will produce and will cost around £1 million less than its big brother, but don’t be fooled – it is still not what you would consider as cheap!

So, let’s talk numbers:

  • Costing Approx. £1.4 million
  • Producing Around 607bhp
  • Power-to-Weight Ratio of 556bhp per Tonne
  • Packing a 3.9l Cosworth V12 Engine
  • Revving All the Way Up to 11,100rpm
  • Restricted to Only 100 Units

Purposefully designed with lightness in mind, as expected from GMA, the T.33 combines old-school lightweight supercar mentality with modern technology and materials which allows Gordon Murray Automotive to achieve the T.33’s power-to-weight ratio. The new car’s footprint is actually the same as that of a Porsche Boxster however over 200kg lighter.

The T.33 is definitely a classically beautiful car with inspiration taken from Gordon Murray’s own love of 1960’s supercars. The aim was to design a supercar that’s looks will be timeless and will still look good in decades to come – only time will tell on this one, but it sure has the potential to. One great feature is the roof mounted air intake which, on this car is directly connected to the roaring V12 behind the driver’s head, a styling trend being seen across the supercar market recently and something that links back to days Gordon Murray worked within the world of F1.

The T.33 is not just meant to please the eye though, it is also dubbed to be a more useable supercar. Part of this aim for practicality is the 3 luggage compartments; the standard front bonnet space being one of course, but this is combined with two luggage compartments located above the rear wheels, one each side. The entire rear quarters are rear-hinged and open like suicide-doors to reveal these hidden spaces. The new car as standard will come with a six-speed manual gearbox, but buyers will have an option to drop a lightweight semi-automatic, paddle-shift gearbox if they would like. As well as this, the T.33 will also be available in both right- and left-hand drive, unusual for a British supercar firm however, this opens it up to the international market with over half the buyers expected to be from the US.

Overall then, the T.33 seems like one seriously impressive supercar, and we cannot wait to hopefully see one of the 100 units in the flesh!

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Posted on 13 October 2022 in Company News