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We are an independent specialist insurance brokerage with a highly skilled team who have been insuring BMWs for over 20 years. We offer a range of policies that include Agreed Value or Extended New Car Replacement and of course BMW repairs.

The birth of BMW goes back to two men: Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. Their respective companies – engine makers Rapp Motorenwerke and aircraft manufacturers Gustav Otto – gave rise to Bayerische Motoren Werke. Since 1917, the now world-famous emblem can be found on every BMW product. BMW’s passionate promise for the future is born from the unique history of reinvention. The brand’s innovations and exceptional design create emotion, enthusiasm, fascination and thrills. BMW creates driving pleasure from the perfect combination of dynamic, sporty performance, ground-breaking innovations and breath-taking design.

The name BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke, which translates to Bavarian Motor Works. Their logo derives it’s blue and white colours from the flag of Bavaria. The BMW Headquarters was designed to mimic a car engine with four cylinders.

It turns out that some Hollywood stars and their cars just cannot be separated. It’s perhaps fitting that a man who drove BMWs in his role as James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough should also turn to one in his personal life. Pierce Brosnan also did with his classy i8. Meanwhile, the likes of Angelina Jolie and David Hasselhoff are also fans of the BMW brand.

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We are an independent specialist insurance brokerage with a highly skilled team who have been insuring BMW’s for over 20 years. We offer a range of prestige policies that include Agreed Value or Extended New Car Replacement and of course BMW approved repairs. Contact us today for your BMW Insurance Quote. 

The benefits of specialist BMW insurance generally include;

  • A dedicated 24/7 client manager
  • An agreed value policy so there’s no dispute over the value of your pride and joy following a claim
  • Extended replacement value following a loss (up to 150% of agreed value in some cases)
  • New Car Replacement for up to 3 years in the event of a total loss
  • Full UK & EU breakdown cover – including Home Start
  • A client focused claims service with your choice of repairer and genuine parts whenever possible
  • Comprehensive ‘Driving Other Cars’ cover – where applicable
  • More flexible driving restriction (any driver aged 30+ etc.)
  • Salvage retention
  • Courtesy vehicle hire in the event of a claim

If you prefer please give us an outline of the cover required in the contact form here and we will call you back for your BMW Insurance Quote.

BMW Models we cover

We specialise in insuring prestige BMWs, the X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, 7 Series, 8 Series and BMW M performance cars.

We work with a number of BMW Dealerships and provide insurance for their clients. Contact us today for your BMW Insurance Quote

Insuring a BMW FAQs.

How much does it cost to insure a BMW?

There is no set amount, BMW premiums will vary depending on factors such as the driver, the location where the vehicle is kept, security measures, usage and value.  

How do I reduce the cost of BMW insurance?

Drivers who are older, drive less miles per year and have more experience of driving supercars generally attract lower premiums. Enhanced security measures such as approved trackers and immobilisers along with secure parking also reduce premiums. These measures may also be mandatory to arrange insurance.  

Do I need a full No Claims Discount (NCD) to insure a supercar?

No, you can get discounts based on your driving experience, what cars you have driven and for how long.

Can I take my BMW overseas to drive?

In most cases, the cover we arrange for prestige allows for vehicles to be driven in Europe on a temporary basis such as holidays. This is known as “Green Card” Cover. 

How old do I need to be to insure a BMW?

There is no set age to be insured on a BMW, driving experience and claims history are also very important factors. It is however more difficult to insure a super car if you are younger than 25 years old. 

Can I insure a prestige car temporarily?

If the car is being imported to the UK for a fixed period (usually months) then yes. If it’s being imported permanently you need a VIN number (UK registration) from the DVLA before you can insure the car.

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We treat all of our clients as individuals. We have time to talk, we listen and understand what you need. We are here for clients throughout the insurance process, arranging customised cover, adapting policies as things change, reviewing the market every year and supporting them with any claims. Your personal advisor is available on a direct dial.

Jowyn Wong
Jowyn Wong
Best company I’ve ever had the pleasure to arrange insurance with. Richard is so informative and knowledgeable, kept me informed every step of the way to insuring my pride and joy. Professional, personal and utterly perfect. Thank you!
Simone Chawda
Simone Chawda
I could not recommend Elevate enough, they were super helpful in explaining policy cover / options & made the process very easy for me to choose. It was great to have a trustworthy & reliable company finding the best cover for me personally & not in the best interests of commission etc Thank you Elevate!
Will Casswell
Will Casswell
very helpful. thank you
James Rainbow
James Rainbow
I had never used an insurance broker before but getting car renewals was getting more and more time consuming. I was referred to Blain at Elevate by a friend and now wonder why I didn't do this before. Elevate are great to deal with and I now have a better level of cover than before at a lower cost with 95% of the hassle removed.
jack gibbs
jack gibbs
Great personal service! Working with Elevate ensured I recieved efficient and stress free landlord insurance keeping me covered across various properties.
Sean M
Sean M
Just wanted to give a big shout out to Dan White and his team at Elevate Insurance Brokers. Having just moved house and tired of the continual high rises in insurance premiums, I chose to stay local and support local. Dan made sure we had the right cover in place and didn’t leave any stone un-turned. His attention to detail in making sure the cover we needed was second to none. All in, he managed to beat my renewal cost and the top three providers, increased my cover and provided me with the peace of mind that my house and personal belongings were covered. #staylocal #investinlocal #localisbest #homeinsurance #insurance #elevate #trust #confidence #happycustomer
Tom S
Tom S
Great service as ever from Elevate! I already insure my main car with them and had to add another in rather a hurry and I didn't have the time to spend ages on the phone organising, Elevate handled it all seemlessly and had my cover updated perfectly at a reasonable price. Can't recommend them highly enough!
John Yates
John Yates
Contacted Dan and his team to discuss my business insurance requirements. Excellent advice and very thorough explanations on various aspects of the policy ensured we now have the appropriate insurance in place. Thanks Dan.

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