For all Formula 1 fans, the winter break always seems to drag… But finally, March has arrived and the 2022 season is just around the corner! After THAT finale in Abu Dhabi last year, which is a can of worms that we won’t open here, we have all been waiting for the sport to restart and this year, there has been a major change – all new cars. 
The new regulations were meant to come into play in 2021 however, due to the pandemic, they were delayed by a year to give the teams the best chance to be fully prepared. The regulations promise to make it easier for the cars to follow one another and in turn, hopefully provide us with more wheel-to-wheel racing action. Whilst on the topic of wheels, the new cars also now have 18” wheels – which I think most can agree do look a lot better! 
Now that the pre-season session in Barcelona is over, all of the F1 teams have unveiled their racing liveries. Some teams have stayed very much in line with their 2021 design and adjusted it slightly for the new car whilst others have made some big changes… 
Headlines of the New Liveries: 
The Silver Arrows are back! Mercedes AMG have gone back to their silver livery after running a black livery for the last two seasons. 
RedBull’s livery remains almost unchanged, but noticeably will be running the number 1 for Max Verstappen. A number that hasn’t been raced with since Vettel raced with it at RedBull in 2014. 
Alpine’s livery keeps the familiar blue but now boasts splashes of pink, linking to their new title sponsor BWT – you may remember them from the former team Racing Point’s pink car. Unusually however, they have also released a limited run livery for the first two grand prix’s where pink will be the dominant colour over blue which will be something to look out for. 
Alpha Tauri have stuck with their combination of white and blue although, have somehow made the car look very different with some even calling it the best looking. 
Alfa Romeo were the last to unveil their livery which only came this week after running a camo livery during the Barcelona test. The new car definitely incorporates more red than last year and also seems to be the only design that includes colour co-ordinated wheel covers. 
Check out all of the new liveries below! 
Whether the new regulations have made the difference that they were designed to is almost impossible to tell based on the running in Barcelona last week therefore, it seems we will have to wait and see when the season kicks off in Bahrain on the 20th of March. 
Let us know who you’re supporting this year, and which is your favourite 2022 livery! 
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