Maserati are now their owner's, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), flagship performance brand after the portfolio sold its interests in Ferrari in 2016. Since then, Maserati were finally given the go ahead to build their own supercar – and they certainly didn’t need a second invitation. 
Now that Maserati have broken out from the shadows of Ferrari, they are taking on the prancing horses along with the rest of the big brands with an all-new super car. Named the MC20, it has the first in-house powertrain that Maserati has produced in two decades along with Maserati’s very own engine after a long dependency on using Ferrari’s. We haven’t seen a Maserati supercar since the MC12, which was essentially designed around and built on the chassis of the Ferrari Enzo. So, what has Maserati's come-back car got in terms of numbers? 
0-62 in 2.9 Seconds 
Top Speed of 202mph 
Price Tag of Just Over £187k 
Kerb Weight of Less Than 1500kg 
The MC20 marks the start of a new era for Maserati as they find their feet again and it certainly seems like it does that and it looks the part whilst doing so too. With the iconic trident stuck on the front grill, a very aerodynamic, modern exterior and them butterfly doors, the MC20 looks impressive. Maserati have also released all new paint colours to go with the MC20 which all have extravagant Italian names as you would expect. 
Maserati certainly focused on lightness to give the MC20 such a low kerb weight which, will allow their all-new supercar to hold its own against the big boys of the supercar world. Said to be done through developing their own lighter and stiffer carbon-fibre tub compared to the platform which they used to borrow from Ferrari, it seems no expense was spared to get the MC20 right. 
It has five different drive modes: GT, Wet, Sport, Corsa and ESC OFF. The rear-wheel drive supercar defaults to luxurious GT mode for daily driving but can be put into Corsa mode when the mood suits. This gives the user full boost all the way up until the red line as well as firming up the suspension, opening the exhaust floodgates and putting the gearbox on high alert. 
The car is said to have a convertible and a fully electric variant on the way as well as a potential return to motorsport with a racing version rumoured to join the MC20 line up too. 
So are Maserati making a comeback? What do you think of they’re newest venture? 
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