The big day is just around the corner and here at Elevate, we are all excited for some time off full of presents, food and family – as we are sure everyone is! But before the 25th is upon us, we thought it would be best to mention some home insurance tips to ensure that your festive period is happy and safe this year. 
Unfortunately, this time of year can sometimes go from jolly to sorry quite quickly, with it predicted that fire claims alone increase by 120% on and around Christmas day. With opportunist thieves around and fire hazards everywhere, it is vital that we all take precautions for our own safety as well as from an insurance point of view. 
So how can you protect yourself and your belongings? 
Lock doors and windows (even when at home). 
Hide gifts out of sight (wrapped or unwrapped). 
Check smoke detectors are working correctly. 
Follow safety instructions for any decorations. 
Never overload plug sockets or extension leads. 
What if you are away from home over Christmas? 
Try to leave a vehicle on the driveway if possible. 
Ask a neighbour to help make the house look occupied (open curtains/put bins out etc). 
Ensure burglar alarms are working and let a neighbour know you're away if it was to go off. 
Double check all doors/windows are locked and valuables are out of sight. 
Of course, nobody wants the worst to happen but if it was to - it is best to know you’re covered! 
An example here would be presents. At this time of year, lots of expensive gifts are given and received, whether it be new gadgets, jewellery or sometimes something even bigger. Regardless, any presents will become part of your home’s contents and it is important to ensure that these additions to the value of contents are insured too. As well, if you have conducted any home renovations ready for the festive period, it is vital to update you home insurance policy. Both situations, if left unaddressed, would result in your home and contents being under-insured in the event of a claim. This is a situation that nobody wants to be in so never wait for a loss to review your home insurance – we are always happy to help here at Elevate! 
Away from insurance however, the whole Elevate Team would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  
Stay safe, stay well and let 2022 be a great year for all. 
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