Since its release, the Mercedes G-Class has followed the same blueprint year after year with only small tweaks to its appearance as time has gone by. Now however, this may change with a new version on its way… 
Mercedes have revealed their new EQG concept – an electric version of their iconic G-Class. The new eco-friendly G is due to come to market sometime in 2024 and is promised to remain an uncompromising off-roader. Rumoured to have four individually controllable, wheel-mounted electric motors, the electric G will be just as capable off-road as its combustion counterpart. It will be underpinned by the ladder-frame chassis from the standard G-Class which the EQG’s batteries will be integrated around to give the SUV a low centre of gravity – perfect for them mountain excursions. It seems therefore, this new electric G won’t be compromising its off-road heritage in order to avoid the congestion charge. 
In terms of numbers, the EQG is still a concept and therefore there are no real indications of the 4x4’s performance figures, battery range or pricing. However, it does seem that the SUV will retain its boxy, rugged looks with a Mercedes EQ tweak to its styling. The conventional grill has been replaced with a black, lighting panel to give the SUV that electrified look, as well as the traditionally rear-mounted spare wheel being replaced by a lockable storage box perfect for transporting the EV’s charging cables. Although, even with its new electric appearance, Mercedes have managed to ensure that this new model still looks unmistakably like a G! 
Take a look and let us know what you think. Is Mercedes leading the way for a new era of serious off-roaders going fully electric? 
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