BMW’s M-Division have only ever made one standalone car – the BMW M1. An iconic, mid-engined supercar released back in 1978 which was the one and only car that has solely been sold as an M car… until now. 
BMW M have released a concept named the XM which is expected to enter production in 2022 however, this one is far from a low, mid-engined supercar. Instead, BMW M have gone BIG. The XM is a large, plug-in hybrid super-SUV which is derived from the BMW X7 model, and it could not be any more different from the 1978 M1 if it tried. 
The XM is set to be BMW’s most powerful road car ever, topping the M5 CS by 114bhp – but then again, it is going to take a lot of grunt to make this beast shift. The new car is expected to compete with the likes of the Audi RSQ8, Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT and Aston’s DBX so, how does it match up? 
Producing Around 740bhp 
50 Miles of Electric-Only Range 
A Price Tag Expected to be Upwards of £120K 
Four-Wheel Drive and Expected Rear-Wheel Steering 
Combining a 4.0l V8 With a ‘High Performance’ Electric Motor 
The super-SUV will be the first M model to be electrified and the new hybrid powertrain is expected to drip down to BMW’s other M models and be used in future versions of the X5M, M5 and M8. Production is predicted to start next year at BMW’s largest plant in the world based in South Carolina, dubbed the home of its SUVs, however the UK market will have to wait until 2023 for it to arrive. 
In terms of looks, the XM is undeniable bold. Once you can peel your eyes away from the huge, statement kidney grills that could consume a 1 series, the XM also has new split headlights, flared wheel arches and sits on 23” alloys. As with most M cars, it has the usual quad exhausts however, they have now been reshaped and vertically stacked instead. The styling department have also managed to reference back to the 1978 M1 with a pair of BMW badges sitting on the top corners of the rear screen. On the inside, there is a clear contrast between new and old with the retro brown leather seats combined with the modern, high-tech centre console and curved infotainment screen. It seems definite then that the XM’s appearance is going to be unique, but this is still only a concept, so we will have to wait and see how similar the actual production car is to these pictures. 
Overall though, the XM seems like it will be BMW’s answer to the growing number of super-SUVs joining the market recently, including Ferrari’s Purosangue which is expected to be previewed soon. With lots of luxury brands competing, it will be interesting to see how the XM compares. 
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