It may still look like it is in the concept stages of its life, but this is no concept car - in fact, production has already begun and at least one has already been made. 
This is Aston Martin’s first hyper-car which they have named the Valkyrie and they are not messing around! With help from the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team and Cosworth, Aston have developed this F1-inspired race car for the road. Red Bull took care of the high-tech scientific parts, Cosworth helped play with the V12 engine and Aston got to put their badge on the front in return for taking care of almost everything else. 
So, what happens when you get three brands who all have Formula 1 expertise together to make a road car? Well… 
It Has a 6.5 Litre Hybrid V12. 
Produces 1160bhp. 
Smashes 0-62mph in Under 3 Seconds. 
A Top Speed Over 200mph. 
A Price Tag of Approx. £2.5 Million. 
The Valkyrie is clearly packing a punch when it comes to performance numbers, but then it is expected when F1 engineering legend Adrian Newey was involved in its birth. In terms of looks, it definitely stands out from its competitors - to the point it almost does not look like it should be road legal. Aston have also been extremely selective around who they have let drive their new hyper-car and as a result, no one really knows whether the Valkyrie meets its expectations. However, it is rumoured that Formula 1 star Daniel Ricciardo has his name down for one which suggests it must be pretty good! 
There will only be 150 road-going units of the Valkyrie, and then on top of this there are track-only Valkyrie AMR Pro versions and a Valkyrie Spider version coming too. In terms of competition, the Valkyrie has entered an expanding market of hyper and F1-derived cars including the Mercedes AMG-One, but we will have to wait to find out how it matches it up as the AMG-One hasn’t entered production yet. 
Tell us what you think of Aston Martin’s first hyper-car! 
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