Four years ago, Mercedes revealed that they intend to use their dominantly successful Formula 1 engineering expertise to derive a hypercar. However, the project has been plagued with unspecified delays and even rumours that Mercedes scrapped the idea entirely. But don’t believe everything you hear, as Mercedes are set to start production of the AMG One in 2022. 
No one yet knows where it will be built. Mercedes does have options though; including their High-Performance Powertrains (HPP) factory in Brixworth, their Formula 1 base in Brackley and the home of AMG in Affalterbach, Germany. Wherever it is built though, it is expected that only 275 models will be produced initially, so what can we expect from this unique Formula 1 derived hypercar? 
Hybrid 1.6 Litre Petrol V6. 
Produce Over 1000bhp. 
A Top Speed Upwards of 217mph. 
0-124mph in Less Than 6 Seconds. 
A Price Tag of Approx. £2 million. 
Electric Only Range of 16 Miles 
The One also boasts flamboyant, hypercar looks to match its impressive figures. That top mounted air intake/aero fin will undoubtedly divide opinions but overall, it looks impressive. With its mean-looking, chiselled front end, huge rear diffuser and with lots of active aero dynamics including a sizeable, retractable rear wing – there is no chance it will go unnoticed! 
So, how similar to the grand prix cars will it be? Well, it turns out that simply dropping the inners of a Formula 1 car into a road-car shell is not as simple as it sounds. Firstly, difficulties arise regarding the power unit, which is going to need adjusting quite a bit. Essentially Mercedes needs to make an engine, which is designed to last 4 or 5 race weekends before needing to be replaced, live up to their strong reputation of longevity and reliability whilst complying with emissions regulation and running on standard fuel mixes. 
As well as this, the AMG One needs an all-wheel drive system to give it the traction it needs, unlike the Formula 1 cars. This is because road cars are not allowed to be peppered in sharp carbon fibre fins which produce the downforce needed to put the 1000bhp solely though the rear wheels. To achieve this, it is believed two more electric motors will be strapped to the 1.6 litre V6 in order to bring the front wheels into play. They also have the small issue of the race cars sitting at an idle speed of somewhere between 5000-6000rpm whereas, street legal car engines should be somewhere around 1000-1200rpm idle – good luck to the engineers on that one! 
Overall though, if Mercedes pull this mammoth task off, the AMG One could be competing with some of the big boys including Ferrari’s SF90 and the incoming Aston Martin Valkyrie. 
What are your thoughts on this long awaiting hypercar? 
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