Let us arrange your home insurance and we’ll refund your excess if you make a claim1

Free Home Excess Cover? Making a claim on your home insurance can be a stressful process. The damage or loss of property combined with the time involved in repair or replacement. Worse still you will probably be out of pocket as most people have some form of excess to pay.

Free home excess cover

Home Excess Cover is designed to make sure you get this excess payment back, when you make a valid claim on your home insurance up to an agreed amount.

We will add free Home Excess Cover to any Home Insurance policy purchased or renewed before 30th September 2024, and not cancelled within 30 days. There are no hidden costs, we simply pay the Excess Insurance provider for your cover, click here for Full Offer Terms and Conditions

1* Up to £500 refunded after claim settled. Subject to terms. Policy administered by ALPS please find the IPID and Policy wording here.

Provide us with your renewal month below to qualify for Free Home Excess Cover

What’s covered in our Free Home Excess Cover

We’ll refund up to £500 of your excess for;

  • Cover is provided for the excess that you are responsible for following the successful settlement of any claim under your home insurance policy up to a maximum of £500.
  • Cover will only operate when the claim amount exceeds the excess of your home insurance policy and following the successful claim payment.
  • The maximum amount payable under this policy will be the annual aggregate limit as shown in your certificate of insurance (£500). Once the annual aggregate limit is exhausted this policy is automatically cancelled and you are then liable for all and any future excess payments as defined in your home and/or contents insurance policy.

What’s not covered in our Free Home Excess Cover

  • Any claim that your home insurance policy does not cover to or where the claim amount does not exceed the excess of your home insurance policy.
  • Any claim that is refused under your home insurance policy.
  • Any claim under your home insurance policy which occurred prior to the period of insurance as shown on your certificate of insurance that you were aware was an imminent claim.
  • Any claim notified to ALPS more than 31 days following the successful settlement of your claim under your home insurance policy.
  • Any contribution or deduction from the settlement of your claim against your home insurance policy other than the stated policy excess.
  • Any claim arising from war and terrorism.

For more detail check out the Home Excess Insurance Policy Page here

Free Home Excess Cover FAQs

Is the excess insurance in this offer really free?

Yes, we add Excess Insurance to your Home Insurance to protect you against £500 of valid excess payments for 12 months subject to the policy terms above.

Does this protect my excess on buildings and contents claims?

Yes, subject to a valid claim being settled

How long does the Offer last?

From March 20th to September 30th, 2023, subject to change

How do I make a claim?

Elevate will explain you claim your excess back, this is a simple process using a self-service portal once the underlying home insurance claim is settled

If my home insurance has an excess over £500 can I get additional excess cover?

Yes, for a small amount we can arrange excess cover for £1000

Who are ALPS?

ALPS provide our free home excess insurance and have over 25 years’ experience providing supplementary insurance covers to personal and commercial clients exclusively through brokers like Elevate.

Posted on 19 March 2023 in Home Insurance