Frequently Asked Questions 

Can anyone drive my car on a specialist policy? 
Yes you can add named drivers to your policy and in certain circumstances let others drive with your permission. 
Should I not just take the cheapest policy online from a search engine for motor or home insurance? 
We would say no, not if you want to be sure that you are covered. It's also very possible that online brokers won't want to insure your type of vehicle as they see the risk as too high but this is what we specialise in. 
Do you insure classic cars and can I include them on the same policy with my modern vehicles? 
We love insuring classic cars as classic cars are one of our passions so the answer is a definite yes. 
Can my jewellery / watches be insured on an agreed value basis? 
As we offer pre insurance appraisals we can offer this service. We would also re appraise at each premium renewal. 
Do you offer a like for like courtesy car? 
Yes we do. Just call us to ask how we can do this. 
Can I drive anyone's car comprehensively on a specialist policy? 
We do offer such policies so if this is likely to be a regular occurrence we would recommend that you discuss this with us. 
Can I insure my Supercar along side mine and my wife’s everyday cars? 
We can add more cars to your policy to keep everything together which will also save you money. 
Can I insure multiple properties together? 
Yes, in fact it often helps with the overall policy and premium that we can achieve for you. 
Can I insure a car on an international or European license? 
Yes we can handle this for you. 
Are your manufacturers repairs guaranteed? 
Yes all repairs come with full guarantees. 
I need a Private Medical Policy can you help? 
Elevate can find you the most suitable private medical cover including worlwide coverage. We also offer private medical cover for small businesses.  
I'm driving / travelling to the EU for longer than 30 days , can you help? 
Absolutely. Just give us the details and we will ensure that you are correctly covered. 
I would like to cover my watches and wife’s jewellery whilst travelling, can you do this? 
Most definitely. It's when you are travelling that possessions are at high risk so we take great care to ensure that you are covered correctly. 
Can I insure my home and cars on one policy? 
Yes , again with multi policies the more you can consolidate with one company will be reflected in the overall premium saving! 
Can I get protected no claims discount? 
Yes, which can be particularly important when it comes to high value vehicles. 
Do you offer Life Insurance Policies? 
Yes, Elevate offer various term life insurance cover that could be used to pay off any liabilities - Mortgages, cost of living, education and death duties.  
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